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Mobile app


How to get started

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  • App available for Android and iOS devices (cell phones or tablets).

  • Making invoices within the database with your information and your client and the possibility to send directly by email.

  • ​Follow live at which clients are your trucks (GPS tracking).

  • Your clients can follow live too.

  • Secures online database.

  • Important all your clients' information with an Excel file.

  • Each client can be notify of your arrival by email or text message for cell phones or voice message for land line.

  • Clients can be notify at differents phone numbers and within a predefined timeframe.

  • A note for your drivers can be added.

  • A note for the manager only can be added.

  • The message sent:

    • can be in french or in english

    • can the same to all clients or personalized

  • Create all the routes directly on a map.

  • Chose when you want to notify your clients by geolocation.

  • Access detailed logs at what time they arrived at each clients.

  • The mobile has all the routes with all the clients and notes always up to date. No more printed lists lost or with missing informations.